Chilly's Disco's & Weddings

If you simply want a disco for a function, we can provide the disco and a DJ, with music to suit your guests, but if you want to spice things up a bit why not add in some entertainment with a comedic party compere?
We can be there to greet your guests on arrival and can dress as required, from formal to the ridiculous!!
If you want a disco to get the whole family involved, we can throw in a few party dances demonstrated by your hilarious compere whose energy is contagious!! A great way to fill the dance floor with all generations.
Again, we can tailor make your disco/party and we are geared up for all events; private parties for all ages, charity events, birthdays, Christenings, weddings, fun days, fetes, the list is endless.
So, whether you want a straightforward disco and DJ, or a fun filled, action packed party with character appearances and party games for kids and/or adults, we can provide it. 
Contact us now to find out more so we can create the perfect party experience!!!
Chilly's Party Time-making memories that last!

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